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Nada! It’s FREE to play our general knowledge quiz nights (as well as most theme nights!).
Some theme and fundraising functions will have purchasable tickets and bookings, which will be organised by the venue or event group.

The max per team is 8 people. Some theme events and smaller venues may have a smaller cap. If you do have a larger team than 8, we highly recommend splitting into smaller teams (what’s a little friendly competition amongst mates right!). If you do stay together, a point penalty/handicap system will be applied. 

You sure can and we encourage it! It’s a healthy and fun way to stimulate the…… brain. 

Our weeknight quizzes have different questions. That means you can go to multiple Dux Nuts quizzes all week. Huzzah! 

We sure do! Check our What’s On page to see what special events are coming up! 

Our venues are super popular and many do fill up fast. Whilst Dux Nuts doesn’t take any bookings, we highly recommend you contact your preferred venue to check booking availability (you can find all their deets on our ‘Venues’ page)

We absolutely can! We’ve been helping groups all over WA raise funds for various causes, as well as provide fun end of year wind ups.

Weddings and hen’s/bux parties are ever increasing in popularity, which is a great way to test the new bride and groom (hosts will remained fully clothed). Use our contact us page to get in touch! 

We love to keep things simple. Most of our questions require only a one word answer and we keep it as non-complex as possible! You will still be challenged, but our aim is to ensure everyone has a fair chance at winning. You’ll never be challenged by a full evening of sports, or required to name all British monarchs.

Chances are the person hosting your quiz is the person who wrote it! Our content writing is compiled fresh each week right here in Perth, to ensure relevant questions are included. This is why we train many of our hosts to create their content, as they know the questions you like! 

We are all over social media at facebook.com/duxnuts, as well as good old email. You can use the contact us page also to get in touch! 

About company

Dux Nuts is a Perth based quiz company looking after local venues and local punters with local questions. We pride ourselves in our ability to interact with everyone, and try to ensure that your first quiz with us will only be the start of a weekly ritual!